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Eroded Urbanism

Eroded Urbanism Axon


Courtyard Precedent

Eroded Urbanism

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Eroded Urbanism

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Eroded Urbanism

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Eroded Urbanism

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Resistance Mapping

Eroded Urbanism

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Facade Elements

Eroded Urbanism

Facade Study

Eroded Urbanism

View of Roof Landscape

Eroded Urbanism

View From Existing Housing

Eroded Urbanism

View From Existing Canal

Eroded Urbanism

2012, Spring

critics Alejandro Zaera-Polo w/ Ryan Welch

Eroded Urbanism is a new superblock type developed for deployment on large scale sites throughout the world generated by the pressures of consolidated capital and infrastructure. As mass urbanization continues as the dominant mode for civic expansion, new types are needed to respond to the demands for flexible developments capable of adapting to continually evolving needs of commercial and residential tenants. The project is based on the tuning of a fundamental unit of urbanity: the courtyard. Through a software-based recursive process, the project optimizes its performance on the site, eroding to offer maximum light and accessibility through the development. The project algorithmically deploys itself on urban sites, capable of generating urbanism ex nihlo or as infill.


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